Action Alert: Tell Your Governor to Support Transparency into Privatized Foster Care


On April 24, 2015, the Senate Finance Committee, led by Senators Orin Hatch and Ron Wyden, wrote letters to all 50 governors, launching a wide-ranging examination of how America’s foster care system has been outsourced to a vast web of for-profit companies and charities.

The Federal Government spends about $7 billion per year on foster care yet virtually no federal oversight or monitoring of privatized foster care companies exists. That's because the federal government mostly provides pass-through funds, which state and local authorities administer. The federal Administration for Children and Families doesn’t collect information about the companies or organizations to which states outsource foster care.

According to (whose article on privatized foster care prompted the investigation)

Hatch and Wyden wrote in their letter that they are trying to clarify the workings of the industry. They asked for information about for-profit companies and nonprofit charities, and how states use them to care for children. In a wide-ranging list of questions, the senators asked for details on abuse cases, pushing for a breakdown at “non-for-profit providers, for-profit providers, and public providers.”


Write to your govenor and let him/her know that you are in support of transparency for privatized foster care companies. Below is a pre-written message. Copy, paste and send it to your governor. Click here to contact your state's governor

Dear Governor [Insert Name],

On April 24, Senator Orin Hatch and Senator Wyden sent letters to all 50 US governors requested an audit report from each about privatized foster care agencies used in their states. Responses are due on May 29.

Today there is virtually no federal oversight or monitoring of privatized foster care companies, even though the federal government funds foster care to the tune of $7 billion a year. I am writing to share my support for the desperate need for federal oversight of these privatized foster care companies and to thank you in advance for taking action by the May 29 due date.


Your name

Your city, state

Click here to contact your state's governor

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