30+ Ways to Help Children in Foster Care (and counting!)


From high involvement to lower involvement, myriad ways exist to show your support for children in foster care.  Something missing? Contact me.

Adopt a Foster Child

Foster children long to have a loving, stable family to call their own. Adoption is a lifelong committment to the child. Children adopted from foster care are less likely to experience homeless and incarceration and more likely to become educated, healthy adults. Search the National Foster & Adoption Care Directory to find local agencies that can help you with the process.

Become a Foster Parent

In foster care, the children are provided with a safe, nurturing, loving family for a temporary period of time.  There are many types of foster care, including traditional care, emergency/shelter care, medical/therapeutic care, relative/kinship care, and tribal care. Search the National Foster & Adoption Care Directory to find local agencies that can help you with the process.

Become a Mentor

Becoming a mentor or tutor for a child in foster care is a great way to make the difference of a lifetime for children in need of permanency. 

Foster Care to Success


Big Brother Big Sister

Family & Youth Initiative (DC area)

Become a Respite Provider

Respite care workers provide parents and other caregivers with short-term child care services that offer temporary relief, improve family stability, and reduce the risk of abuse or neglect. Search the National Foster & Adoption Care Directory to find local agencies that can connect you with information 

Become a Court Appointed Special Advocate

Nobody longs for a safe and loving family more than a child in foster care. As a CASA volunteer, you are empowered by the courts to mentor youth & support them in court to help make this dream a reality. Click here for info

Become a Foster Grandparent

Foster Grandparents are volunteers age 55 and better who are role models, mentors, and friends to children in their communities. Click here for info

Support Foster Youth as they Transition Out of Care

Register as a Supporter on the LifeSet Network to give advice, words of encouragement or purchase registry items for youth to help them successful start to adult life. 

Become an Adoption Friendly


Adoption-Friendly Workplace works to make adoption an affordable option for every working parent. The Dave Thomas Foundation provides free guidance on how companies can implement programs.  Click here to learn more.

Give to or Start a Donation Center

Got extra children's stuff? How about extra space? Give to or set up a donation center where people can drop off gently used clothing and other items free of charge for Foster Parents and children in Foster Care. Find a Foster Closet in your area.

Become a Foster America Fellow

Use your experience in business, tech, health, and education, etc. to tackle the child welfare system's most pressing challenges. Click here.

Provide Pro Bono

Therapy Services 

Are you a qualified therapist? A Home Within connects therapists with foster youth for weekly, pro-bono therapy for as long as it takes. Join one of their Clinical Chapters today! 

Provide Pro Bono Legal Services 

As a lawyer, you can make a different in a child’s life by volunteering as a pro bono attorney with Advokids. Contact Advokids

Start a Foster Care Ministry

What better way to get your church or reglious organization involved in the community than to support foster children? FaithBridge works closely with churches to create growing and sustainable foster care ministries based on their unique model.

Fostering the Bay and Fostering Great Ideas also have great church models.

Donate a Laptop to a

College Bound Foster Youth

Every student in college needs a computer to succeed. Research shows that access to technology and computer literacy are important factors not only for educational outcomes, but for a successful transition to adulthood. Click to donate a laptop.

Collect Prom Gowns for Girls in Foster Care

Attending prom is a thrilling day -- especially for girls in beautiful dresses. Make that dream come true for a teen in care. Search for prom dress drives in your local area or start a Becca's Closet chapter for kids in your community.

Grant Wishes (Indiv & Group)

Because kids in foster care move around often, they can miss out on a lot of “normal” childhood experiences. Grant a wish through One Simple Wish! You can grant one wish or have a wish campaign at your organization! 

Click here for info

Send a College Care Package 

Remember how exciting it was to get a college care package from Mom & Dad? Give a child in foster care that same experience.  Click here to learn how you can send packages to foster alumni in college

Wooden Bed

Host a Youth in Your Home

Jovenes' Host Homes -- (East & Southern Los Angeles) utilizes community members who have a spare bedroom and volunteer to host a youth (18-24) who is in need of housing for up to 6 months. During those 6 months, Jovenes will determine a permanent housing solution for the youth. We offer hosts $500 monthly stipend for participating in our program. 

Become a Birthday Buddy

Some kids don't get to celebrate their birthdays. You can fix that! Program is run by the Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition of St. Louis. Select a child to support. Out-of-state donors can mail gifts. Click here for info


Or consider creating a birthday buddy program in conjunction with a foster care agency or group home in your community!

Create an Internship for Foster Youth

Work with your company to create an internship tole or an internship program for foster youth, Google "foster youth internship (your city)" to find organizations in your area that place youth in internships. Remember foster youth don't have parental support, so PAID internships are best! If you are in the SF Bay Area, check out Teen Force.

Create Comfort Cases or Donate Supplies

Comfort Cases is another organization that replaces trash bags with backpacks containing essential items like toiletries, pajamas, activities and other items for children in foster care. Click here for info

Offer Free Photography or Videographer Services to Adoption Agencies

Adoption agencies around the country are in need of high quality photos and videos of children that can be shared with prospective families. 

Build/Give Bikes

Most kids own a bike, but many kids in foster care do not. Make a wish come true by buying a bike or running a bike building fundraiser. Click here for info

Use Doing Good Works Products

Need a company store? Need to create branded stationery, merchandise, promotional & tradeshow products? Use Doing Good Works and proceeds go toward foster youth job training & support programs.

Together We Rise offers multiple, easy fundraising opportunities for orgs. Fundraisers focus on scholarships, sports participation, sweet cases, birthdays and holiday pages.  

Click here for info


Review College Scholarship Applications

Pivotal (Bay Area, CA) needs help sorting through each application, assessing the candidates' qualifications, and preparing sudents for the interview process. More info

Sponsor a Drive with Mattress Firm

Team up with your local Mattress Firm and host a donation drive. It’s an easy way to give back to your community while leaving the heavy lifting of planning and promotion to Mattress Firm! Learn more

Start a Fostering Great Ideas Program

Fostering Great Ideas is an innovative organization that has created unique programs that you can implement in your community. Programs support children, bio parents and educate others on the issues facing kids in care. Learn more. 

Give "Sweet Cases"

When kids in foster care travel from home to home they are given two trash bags to transport their belongs. Together We Rise provides Sweet Cases to these children. Click here for info

Start a Backback Giveway Program

Learn to create a program in your area that provides every child entering foster care with a new backpack filled with essential items including toiletries, clothing, school supplies and comfort items. Contact Advokids Project KEEP