Foster Coalition Projects, Press & Achievements

Work done by Leah Burdick, Founder



Public Relations

Pitched Margaret Coyne of Advokids to Time magazine for article about child trauma and the border separations. 


Outreach Campaigns 

  • Protect California Children ( campaign with Advokids. English and Spanish awareness campaign using PR, social media and email outreach to educate mandated reporters & the general public about additional legal tools that allow anyone to raise a child's safety concerns to the juvenile court.

Organizations Supported 

(via PR, marketing consulting)

  • Advokids

  • Hack Foster Care Silicon Valley & Los Angeles

  • Starfish Foster Care & Adoption Ministry

Awareness through Journalism

2017 articles written by Leah Burdick


Public Relations

Articles secured by Leah Burdick



Outreach Campaigns 

  • Foster Parent Recruiting Program Outreach -- email/direct mail outreach  to foster care program leaders and all heads of the Departments of Child Services across 50 states to promote proven foster parent recruitment programs to address the nationwide shortage. (in progress)  

  • Secured spokeswoman role for MelissaRoshan Potter for Children's Rights #FosterTruth campaign and life-readiness training & jobs for foster youth program

  • T-Shirts for Foster Youth campaign for's National Foster Care Month campaign

  • PR lead for for MelRo Potter's "prom mom" story. Featured on ABC, Today, Cosmopolitan, People and Huffington Post among many others.

Organizations Supported 

(via PR, marketing consulting)

  • MelissaRoshan (MelRo) Potter

  • One Simple Wish 

  • Doing Good Works

Other Projects

Creation and launch of for management client MelissaRoshan Potter


Leah Burdick was named an Angels in Adoption honoree by the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI).



Public Policy - California AJR 17

Leah sponsored California Assembly Joint Resolution No. 17 (AJR 17), which was introduced by Asm Patty Lopez in May 2015. AJR 17 urged the President and the U.S. Congress to enact Senate Bill 664 (the Foster Care Tax Credit Act) to provide tax relief to parents fostering children for six months or less to help cover the actual costs of caring for the child. Leah testified to the Committee on Human Services in Sacramento in June 2015. In September 2015, AJR 17 passed both Houses and was signed by Gov. Jerry Brown.

Awareness through Journalism

Foster Coalition founder Leah Burdick is also a blogger for the Chronicle of Social Change. She spotlights organizations and best practices that are changing the status quo for foster youth. 2015 articles published:


Organizations Supported 

(via PR, marketing consulting)

  • CHOICES Inc. Ohio, 

  • National Adoption Center 

  • NUBS

  • Fostering Change for Children

  • One Simple Wish 

  • Texas Foster Youth Justice Project

  • Unity Burbank  (Foster Ministry)

  • Fostering Great Ideas

  • Covered til 26 (Children Now)

  • Doing Good Works

Public Relations Pitching & Resulting Articles

Here are stories pitched by The Foster Coalition that have resulted in articles and also press releases we've distributed on behalf of organizations: 


Adopting Through Foster Care: a Less Expensive Alternative

This adoption route has pros and cons, but it carries virtually no out-of-pocket costs. Story pitched by the Foster Coalition.

By Susan Johnson, US News & World Report. February 24, 2015.


Laptop Gift Puts Homeless Youth on Track to Graduate

Press release written and distributed on behalf of One Simple Wish. May 28, 2015.


Program helps fulfill the wishes of foster children

Good Morning Austin (KXAN-NBC) featues One Simple Wish and the Texas Foster Youth Justice Project & how they teamed up to fulfill a much needed wish by a foster youth. Story pitched by The Foster Coalition. June 3, 2015. 


One Simple Wish Enables 7 Dayton-Area Foster Children to Attend Camp Joy 

Story appeared on on June 18, 2015. Pitched by the Foster Coalition. 


Wells Fargo Donates Property, Cash to Build Trenton Home for Foster Youth

Appeared on, July 9, 2015. 


Danielle Gletow, One Simple Wish Founder, Discusses Milly's Place, a  new residence for former Foster Youth

1450 WCTC (Radio) - The Voice of Central Jersey. July 14, 2015. Click to view on YouTube


​Dayton foster care kids go to camp. CHOICES staff member finds funding for all.

Story ran in the Dayton Daily News on July 16, 2015. Click to view